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Calamity Howler is a comic book character that first appeared in the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15 in August 1962. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, the character is a powerful telekinetic and telepath who uses her abilities to fight crime.

Born Barbara Ann Minerva, Calamity Howler was born with her powers and first used them to save her mother from a mugger. She would later use her powers to help others, including using them to stop a bank robbery and to help the police catch a group of criminals.

While she initially used her powers for good, Calamity Howler’s mental instability began to manifest itself over time. She would eventually become a villain, using her powers to take control of people’s minds and bodies. She would even go so far as to kill people with her powers.

Calamity Howler’s mental instability would eventually lead to her downfall. She was defeated by the superhero team the Avengers and was later killed by her own daughter, who had inherited her powers.

Despite her villainous turn, Calamity Howler remains an iconic comic book character. Her telekinetic and telepathic abilities make her one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. And while she may be gone, her legacy continues on in her daughter, who is now carrying on the family tradition of fighting crime as the new Calamity Howler.

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